A life of living tragedy

Woke up today and saw the roof of my room dull,full of cracks,patches like water has droped from those places, nothing amusing but I stare it everyday and why? Its is not too shake myself off from my sleep or anything, it just everyday I ask my self the same question but then I know the answer to’I want to escape’.from what?from Reality!.

                 Washed my face,brushed my teeth,changed my clothes but don’t know if that mattrrs it is not like someone gonna notice me and if they will I know the response will be Wao! Hope today you make out without any bloody spots “. Went down through my usual stairs,had my breakfast and thinking on my every sip “Do I really wanna go out?”. And here the war starts between me and well me.There is nobody infront of me but if they are I like to ignore.I wish i could say that.Sometimes I think if there were no relation of me with anyone how much easier it would’ve been for me.To fight with situation and not have to look back.I have a family who loves me a lot and they are whole world to me.After the whole tragic war with myself I prepared myself to go out.I know,everyday it turns out like that.I see everyone off not knowing if it will be my last time watching them,who knows future or the next minute.

            I opened that rusty main door like I do everyday and my hand shaked like evrytime I grap those door handles.They feel cold but blazing hot as I pull it knowing what is on the other side.At this moment I hasitate everyday Do I really have to go but you know the answer will yes.The door opened and the scene infront of me is always unpredictable.Today there are people running like usual.crying,finding their loved ones,pushing the dead bodies,looking at the corpse wondering who could it be,miserable finding food.fighting for freedom.I walked down the streets and joining the group of people shouting screaming for freedom.See my life is not like usual teenage boy.I was born in a country which was occupied by the soldiers of the most powerful country.All I could remember is people shouting crying protesting and it became my life too.What I love about my country even though they don’t know everything they are fighting for is worth it or not but they still do.They fight with all they have.

        I tried to quit because I thought it was not worth it but then I saw an old man.Age of about 85 or something.It was when I went to the market to buy some food and the market was closed because the street was covered with the enemy soldiers.So I tried to hide myself so I could go back in one peice.As i was passing through some dark streets I saw three enemy soldiers raping a girl.Girl was screaming fighting for her life but those soldiers kept beating to stop her to move.I didn’t wanted to see more of this tragedy and tried to turn away but as I turned away my head I heard a voice different but old.Not loud but strong.Not clear but clear enough to understand.I turned my head back and saw the old man of 85 fighting with three soldier to protect her.Bitting them,pushing them doing whatever he could do to stop them.But soldiers did not hesitate to beat him  too.He was covered with blood.I am sure the bones were broken too but he kept on fighting.He fell then stood up again.I could not  think anything else than ashamed and tried to enter the fight,I couldn’t think of anything but I knew I have to protect them both.As I was moving froward I saw a gun.It was the gun of one of the soldier maybe they kept there so it wont bother them while they have their pleasure but watching that gun all I could that It was for me.I took the gun and shot three if them down.At that time I didn’t thaught and my hand did not shaked but after the shots my hand felt numb and all I remember was dark.

           I couldn’t get hold of myself for a moment but after 15 minutes I was calm and I could see the girl infront of me covered with a peice of cloth crying and thanking me and the old man at my right saying that I am hero.We sat there for more than an hour and none of could say a word but then I asked the old man that who is she? He said I don’t know.I asked again that why he would go in such an extent for whom he doesn’t even know? He replied and I remember still Even though I don’t know her she is from this country which means she is my daughter and every girl in this country is my daughter.Like her many are preys and I can’t protect my every daughter but if I can save even one I would not be that miserable but I am miserable that I can’t save everyone”.

            Now I know the feeling of miserable.I killed three man but know now I couldn’t go back.If I am gonna be miserable I would like to save as much victoms I could.That became my life and today even know that old man stand still with me.He can not work because of his enthusiasam he has broken most of his bones but he still smiles and say he see his younger self in me.I don’t know how to feel but feel happy because I know even his younger self would also be strong and kicking some ass.The girl which we saved lived with me because old man thought I can take care of her more than anyone.She was recovered in 4 months I know too quick right but she says it was my love that helped her recover fast. I don’t know if I can take the credit but she is my wife know and happy.the scars remain but we fight everyday to minimise as much as we can.She is most beautiful girl who met terible tragedy but I love her and she is my life now.

              The entusiasam of old man and my wife’s cheering make me go out everyday and live and fight.Like everyday now walking down the street thinking what I can acomplish today and as for my wife she is way incredible.I am fighting on the ground but she is fighting in the international offices so they will take a notice and help us get freedom.And I am sure one day we will until then I will keep my everday routine how it is.